Cancer Pain

Chronic Cancer Pain Management

Memorial Hospital of the Agri Polyclinic Uz. Dr. Mehmet Celik, gave information about the methods applied to remove cancer pains.

Cancer, as well as life-threatening aspects of serious pain problems with the quality of life is eliminated. Treatment for the treatment of cancer pain increases the patient’s quality of life and general body resistance and increases the compliance with cancer treatment. Cancer is one of the most feared health problems of our time. Today, more and more types of cancers have ceased to be a fearful situation, especially with early diagnosis and surgical treatment, drug therapy, irradiation or other methods. However, it still remains the main health problem that medicine is fighting.

What are the Effects of Cancer Pain Relief on Cancer Treatment?

In addition to the life-threatening aspect of the serious pain problems caused by the quality of life that eliminates a situation. Unfortunately, pain in cancer patients is often not taken seriously enough, and it is not possible to relieve pain with effective approaches by physicians dealing with the treatment of the disease itself. A false belief here is that the cessation of pain in cancer will make follow-up difficult for the course of the disease. However, all studies have shown that relieving the pain of the cancer patient has no negative effect on the course of the disease and the life expectancy of the patient. In fact, the increase in quality of life as a result of the elimination of pain; It shows that the patient has a very positive contribution by increasing the adaptation to cancer treatment and by increasing the overall body resistance.

How Cancer Pains Are Revealed?

Pain in cancer occurs for various reasons. Sometimes the tumor itself causes pain by pressing on an organ, nerve or bone. Sometimes, pain due to circulatory disorders may occur due to pressure on a vein. The most common cause of pain in cancer is pain caused by treatment methods called chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgical treatment.

Relieving Method

PHARMACEUTICAL TREATMENT: Many types of cancer pain can be effectively relieved by drug therapies and non-drug therapies, whether they are related to cancer itself or as side effects of treatment methods. The most important reason why cancer patients cannot achieve effective and adequate pain treatment is that they cannot reach the pain physicians who are experts in this field. Pain relief drugs are the first choice in the treatment of cancer pain. These drugs should be used in a certain order and in accordance with the World Health Organization’s step-up system. According to the step system, first of all, weaker pain medications are used. According to the state of pain, more and more severe pain medications are given. An important point here is that the relationship of pain with the course of the disease is not always proportional. In other words, the patient’s severe pain is not a finding of progression of the disease.


Non-drug therapies are used in patients who are unable to relieve pain or who cannot use these drugs for various reasons. Blocking the pain nerves is one of these methods. The pain nerve of the cancerous organ can be desensitized by the application of various chemicals, such as preventing the pain of the nerve of a decaying tooth by channel treatment. Radiofrequency thermocoagulation methods can also be used for this purpose. This process is to prevent the transmission of pain by applying high frequency radio waves to the pain nerve.


Morphine pump is the most advanced method to relieve the pain of cancer patients. In this method, a thin catheter is inserted into the cavity where the painful nerves are present. The bottom of the catheter is then connected by placing the port or pump under the skin under the skin. With this method, it is possible to effectively relieve the pain of the patient using a much lower dose of morphine or morphine-like drug. Moreover, since the morphine dose is minimized, patients are away from morphine-related side effects.

Facts about cancer pain

Cancer pain is a relievable pain. The World Health Organization reports that 85-90% of all cancer pains are pain that can be controlled by various pain treatments.
In contrast to the fear of many people, morphine and morphine-like pain medications are not addictive in cancer patients.
Although pain relievers are the first choice for pain in cancer, we have a lot of weapons that we use to fight pain. It is ALWAYS more POSSIBLE to cut cancer pain.
Cancer treatment is a team job. Surgical treatment of cancer; is the field of expertise of doctors, medical treatment and radiotherapy oncologist doctors. But with cancer any kind of pain treatment of patients should be carried out by specialist physicians dealing with pain treatment.